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She is a student of life. Her title is Public Speaker/Life Coach/Author.  (Inspired To Speak, Les Brown  2018) (The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching 2019). Her life work is self mastery. Her passion is using her voice to empower. Her purpose is peace and oneness. Her true desire is healing, wholeness and growth. Her hope is for greater awareness and expanded consciousness. Her actions are connecting inner greatness to inner truth. Her inspiration is learning, growing, creating and laughter. Her great hope is co-creating unbiased, unconditionally self-love with others. Her belief is that we all hold the major key to our own best lives. Her goal is to facilitate others on their life journeys.


She knows . .  There’s Greatness in Everyone!  She brings gratitude and  joy through her upbeat energy and personality. She worked as a professional nail technician for over 25 years. (N.B.S 1995) (Joined The International Nail Technician Ass. 1999) Supporting others to feel better about themselves through her services is her expertise. She’s made many personal and professional connections. She served as a counselor and confidant for over 3 decades. She’s an experienced owner with demonstrated skills in working as an early childhood educator. (Illinois Dept. of Children & Family Service 2012) Co- parent mediation, parent workshops, single parents, marriage, family relationship, supporting divorced couples in learning to successfully co-parent peacefully.  

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