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Meet Toy

A human espresso shot for your personal and professional growth. Embrace life's challenges and lead with confidence.

Here to energize your journey, bring out your authentic self, Together, we turn those 'oh no' moments into 'oh yes!' victories.

All about keeping it real, having fun, and navigating through the obstacles. Co Developing

leadership potential into punchlines and progress!

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I’m a student of life. I express gratitude and joy through my upbeat personality. My first work is self-mastery. The crossroads in my personal life support my strive to be the coach that my younger self needed. Throughout my journey to become the best possible version of myself. I’ve learned about the impact of individual and generational trauma, and how the benefits of new awareness have healing power. As a certified professional coach I am constantly absorbing new information that supports healing, growing, and evolving. With the understanding there is no one-size-fits-all system we’ll explore practices that best align with your values and goals.

You can expect high-level soulful coaching provided in a shame and judgment-free space for authentic exploration. Coupled with grace, honesty, connection, integrity, empowering conversations, ample encouragement and concrete solutions.


Associate Certified Coach

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner


Embracing Forward


Creating Memories

Spin Class

A Good Book




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