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White Couch

NO Judgement, She listens with her heart, and if you follow her recommendations, you will surely feel the importance of who you are to this world. The questions and tasks made me dive deep into thought and I could grasp (mentally) changes I needed to make for myself. I feel positive, grounded and calm, in a time that is chaotic. I am grateful for the connection and send well wishes that this Sista I pray she is able to spread the love to many more. Thank you Sista Toy, Love and Blessings to you 

shirley cleveland.jpg

Toy gives that comfort that allows you to open up with no judgment..She listens with a genuine heart and makes you aware of what you already have and encourage you to use it. She recognizes your brilliance and supports you in learning how to nurture it. Thanks Toy! I've learned about me in a more deeper aspect and working with the tools you supplied. Blessings to you and all you do.

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